Concrete Paver Moulds – Frequently Asked Questions

As a leading concrete mould supplier to homes & businesses across the world – here are some of the common questions we get asked.


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Can you use the moulds to make circles, gentle curves, etc. ?

Yes you can….if you do some pre-work first and lay out the borders with bricks this will give you a visual to work within.

You could also dig small trenches where the border bricks were and fill in the space with small landscape pebble to keep the border.

How much concrete does it take to fill one mould?

About 13.8 pounds concrete (3.45 lb. cement + 10.35 lb. sand).

How long does the concrete have to set before removing the mould to do another?

That would depend on the type of concrete you purchase and how you mix it. Generally speaking you can move the mold after about 2 – 3 minutes to the next stamp area. 

Can you do a driveway with this? Wondering if the weight of vehicles could easily shift or crack the concrete after awhile?

Yes you could.

With that said these moulds are more for landscaping or stepping stones. 

What do you use for the fill in the gaps with?

You can fill the gaps with soil and then put some grass on it. Sand and small gravel is another alternative.

Can the moulds be rotated so that the pattern is less uniform?

Yes, you can rotate this mould to create your own unique patterns.

If you like the random style, you can make the pattern not uniform.

If you like the uniform style, you can also create a uniformed pattern with it.

What do you mean by irregular shape?

The irregular shape mould simply means the pattern of this mould is random, and the shape of it is not square

How would you color these if you wanted each different shape a different color? Sand? concrete pigment?

There are many ways you can change the color of the concrete. Here is a few ideas.

Pigment: you will have to mix the pigment with the concrete that means if you want different colors in each stone you will need multiple mixing buckets. You will need to be very patient with this process because when you screed it you will end up mixing the colors together.

Dye: this is an application that can be painted or sprayed on. You will more than likely need to seal it which can make the concrete mildly slippery when wet.

Paint: oil based paint is also an option you would not want to use latex because it will peel. Oil based paint come in quarts gallons as well as inside a spray can probably not going to be the long lasting result you’re looking for but it should hold up for 2 to 3 Seasons.

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